Counterfeit Wraps on Another Pakistani Wholesale Site

Signature Gold Wraps, originated by Titan Support Systems, are the most recent copy by counterfeiters out of Pakistan.  The website, Quersons-gyms support is manufacturing and selling wholesale Signature Gold look-a-likes to buyers in the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Norway, Middle East.  



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Beware of purchasing fake or imitation products, with an unauthorized representation of a product or from individuals or businesses that are not


Titan Support Systems, Inc. standard is manufacturing high quality, original products. All Titan Wraps are manufactured, on site, in the USA.

Counterfeiters usually do not comply with health and safety regulations and the risk of identity theft is high when you purchase from a counterfeiter site.

We have security measures in place to help authenticate our products and we do regular online sweeps for counterfeit products and unauthorized dealers.

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