Counterfeit Alert:

Beware of counterfeit wraps!
A Pakistani manufacturer is approaching businesses claiming to sell Titan wraps.


Don’t be fooled. Pakistani wraps are inferior products.

Authentic Titan wraps feature
  • USA materials – elastics and yarns manufactured in the USA
  • Strict quality control – Every roll of elastic is inspected and weighed to meet strict construction standards and weight tolerances. Sub standard material is rejected and sent back to the mill
  • USA construction – cutting, assembly, sewing and packaging is done at our facility in Corpus Christi, Texas
  • 100% inspection – every wrap is inspected after construction. Those that do not meet standards are rejected.¬†
  • Guarantees – every authentic Titan wrist and knee wrap carries a six month guarantee
  • IPF Approved – only Titan wraps are IPF Approved. Look for the 4 part ¬†label that certifies IPF Approval and authenticity