Aliexpress / Alibaba Chinese counterfeits (Titan Toro, Texas Star Lever, Label)

ALERT !! Chinese sellers are counterfeiting Titan Toro belts, labels and our Texas Star lever! These counterfeit products are being sold through and

Example 1:



Product sold on Aliexpress through seller “GAO Bodybuilding store”, featuring counterfeit Texas Star Lever and Titan/Texas belts IPF Approved label. Titan renowned warranty will not be honored on counterfeit belts!

Example 2:


Product sold on Alibaba through seller “Yiwu Xuge Sports”, featuring counterfeit Texas Star Lever.


Example 3:


Product sold on Alibaba through seller “Hunan Zechen Fitness Co Ltd”, featuring counterfeit Texas Star Lever.


Example 4:



Product sold on Alibaba through seller “Yangzhou Sevenstar Sports Goods Co, Ltd”, featuring counterfeit Texas Star Lever.


Avoid counterfeit products sold by Chinese sellers on and Aliexpress. They are vastly inferior to the genuine Titan article, manufactured exclusively in Corpus Christi, Texas (USA). Purchase only through and authorized dealers listed on