Counterfeit Wraps on Another Pakistani Wholesale Site

Signature Gold Wraps, originated by Titan Support Systems, are the most recent copy by counterfeiters out of Pakistan.  The website, Quersons-gyms support is manufacturing and selling wholesale Signature Gold look-a-likes to buyers in the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Norway, Middle East.       Beware of purchasing fake or imitation products, with an unauthorized representation of a product or … Read more

Counterfeit Wrist Wraps from Pakistan

Counterfeit Titan Wrist Wrap images have been found on the World Link International selling site.  Counterfeiters often steal images from the original manufacturers website to use on their own in the hopes of deceiving customers into believing they sell the same quality product.  World Link International is not a Titan authorized dealer and the product images they are using … Read more

The Latest Word

Consumers– Don’t get scammed! The first step in insuring you are purchasing  Authentic Titan Support Systems products is to shop exclusively with Titan Authorized Dealers. Authorized Dealers– Up date your commerce site with the most current, watermarked, Titan product images.